How Karma scratched up my chairs and how I learned to reupholster them…

Do you remember when your children were very little and you were on your first plane ride with them?  They were so sweet and cuddly and slept most of the time and you wondered what other parents did wrong.  Their toddlers were all over the place while you thoroughly enjoyed the compliments you received from passengers on how wonderful your perfect bundle of joy was.  You, the super parent who seems to be a natural at this “traveling-with-child” business had it all figured out!  Until your next plane ride 6 months later, after baby had become more mobile and worst of all, more vocal…

Buying leather furniture when you have cats has a very similar learning curve, even though the wake-up call is disproportional to the age of your furry family member.  Despite the fact that we heard these crazy stories about cats destroying leather chairs, we ventured out and purchased a set of six beautiful, mid-century inspired dining chairs with a warm, rust-colored leather upholstery.  They were stunning and what was even more stunning were our extremely perfect, well mannered (geriatric) cats, who didn’t even think about raising a claw towards our immaculate new acquisitions.  And again, we were wondering what other pet owners did wrong…

Sadly, we had to say good-bye to two of our cats and seeing our 10 year old “Abbie” lonely for a little over a year, we decided to get her a little brother and welcomed “Manju” to our home.  This little bundle of cat came along with 3 siblings that we agreed to foster and find homes for.  Well, apparently kittens come with tiny, extremely sharp kitten claws and without the ability to jump with cat-like elegance onto chairs.  Instead, they put their best effort forward, jumped, and….  SLIPPED!!!!  Repeatedly!!!!  Manju’s brother and sisters found loving homes, as he stayed with us, now teething, and using our chairs to sooth his aching little gums.  We covered his claws with “Soft Paws”, which worked well on his claws, but was needless to say, not an option against oral attacks on our chairs.  When he wasn’t gnawing on leather, he tormented Abbie, who was neither impressed with his energy, nor with his desire to pummel her every chance he got.  That’s how we ended up with “Cleo”.  Cleo and Manju became fast friends and you seldom see one without the other.  They love to run, play and wrestle, and one of their preferred spots are, yes, you guessed it, our chairs.  That was it!  Karma had taken her final stab at our chairs and we realized the error of our decision.

So what’s the green thing to do?  That’s right, you naturally rip the beautiful (somewhat scratched up) leather off your chairs and do your very first reupholstering job.  My friend Krista (check out her blog and amazing talent at lent her expertise and tools , and I went to town…

Here are some of the pics of my project and the guilty parties…  If you would like a step by step tutorial, please click here.


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